At Sensible Property Management, we believe that we have both a business responsibility and a moral responsibility to do all we can to help the UK in meeting its 80% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2050.

We aim to contribute to a historic period that will be seen as a time when the UK leads the world into a low-carbon economy. As part of this philosophy, we recognise the importance of working and committing to a low carbon and eco-friendly economy. In particular, we want to be involved in delivering new and innovative ideas to all our Clients that work towards improving sustainability, through re-cycling initiatives, energy efficiencies and by fundamentally challenging ways of working.

In support of this and our local community, we operate offices within the local area of our operations and only utilise local Trades professionals, keeping travelling to a minimum, as well as enabling us to quickly and efficiently deal with emergency issues.

Within our own offices we actively operate our Environmental Policy, promoting low energy equipment, seeking the minimising of waste and re-cycling, wherever possible.